Delgado Asks Citizens For Inputs On Delays In 19th Postal Delivery


Delgado Asks Citizens

For Inputs On Delays

In Local Postal Delivery

Otsego County’s congressman, Antonio Delgado, D-19, today issued a survey  asking his constituents to share any mail delivery delays they have experienced with the U.S. mails.

Delgado said the new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has made changes leading up to the Presidential election that “have undermined the American people’s confidence in a 245-year-old institution.”

He’s seeking constituent input in advance of this weekend, when the House of Representatives will vote on the Delivering for America Act, a bill that would prohibit the USPS from making any changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and requires USPS to reverse any initiatives so far that have slowed the service of mail.

The new legislation, he said, seeks to stabilize the USPS at a time when many Americans are relying on home deliveries and reliable mail service.

He didn’t mention the political dimension:  The Democratic House and Republican President Trump have been jousting over the post office’s ability to process Universal Mail Delivery of absentee ballots, and the political implications.

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