Delgado Completes 2-Shot Vaccination

Delgado Completes Pfizer

Double-Shot Combination

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Antonio Delgado, D-19, received the second and final dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

“With full confidence in the science and following the advice of public health officials, today I received the second and final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine,” he said after his vaccination.

He continued: “COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA, medical professionals, and a New York State independent advisory task force are safe and critical tools to end this pandemic and return to normal life.

“Unfortunately, misinformation around its safety and side effects has large segments of Americans – including minority and rural populations and frontline workers – reluctant to be vaccinated.  When I urge people to get vaccinated, I want them to know that I’ve done it myself.”

One thought on “Delgado Completes 2-Shot Vaccination

  1. June Yerdon

    So glad you are vaccinated! My question, How does the republican party justify not impeaching trump. That would just play into trumps hand. So if it incites trumps base we won’t pursue justice?. That is Crap! We pursue justice and then deal with them as needed. The republicans really need to get some spine!

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