MEBUST: Democratic Village Chair Backs Dem. Slate


Democratic Village Chair

Backs Democratic Slate

To the Editor:

Village elections for trustee and mayor will be held Wednesday, March 18, from noon to 9 p.m. at the Village Hall.

The Village Democrats are proud to have nominated three outstanding incumbents to continue the good work of the Village Board in recent years. These candidates – Ellen Tillapaugh for mayor, and Joe Membrino and MacGuire Benton for trustee – combine years of public service and experience with youthful energy and commitment to the future of the Village.

During Ellen’s nine-year tenure as trustee, deputy mayor and mayor, she has provided steady leadership in overseeing some $17 million in major village infrastructure improvements. The Board’s success in securing project grants combined with careful financial management has resulted in no tax levy increases since 2013.

Last year, Ellen appointed Joe Membrino to fill a one-year term as trustee. For the past seven years, Joe has brought the skills and experience of a 50-year public service legal career to his new hometown. His service on the Water/Sewer Board, Housing Committee, and Planning Board laid the groundwork for his appointment as trustee. His leadership of the Finance Committee in the past year has demonstrated his ability and willingness to use his talents to help preserve and improve Cooperstown’s economy and environment. MacGuire Benton, a 2016 CCS graduate, was elected as trustee last year and now seeks a 3-year term. In an era when many young people move away from their hometowns, MacGuire has chosen to commit himself to Cooperstown and to help build a future for the community that is transparent, accessible, and welcoming to all people. The time and energy Ellen, Joe and MacGuire have given to Cooperstown is to be commended.

These candidates come from different backgrounds, experiences and generations but they share a passion for Cooperstown and a demonstrated willingness to work to secure a strong, healthy, and welcoming community today and for the future. I hope you will join me in voting for Ellen, Joe and MacGuire to continue the outstanding work they are doing for the Village we all love.

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