DEWEY: Stefanik Does Not Put Upstate First

Letter from Jeanne Dewey

Stefanik Does Not
Put Upstate First

I’m glad you’re highlighting political candidates and their positions on important issues. Having real information to base one’s vote on is key to making an informed decision at the ballot box. The problem is, candidates can say anything they want, whether it is true or false.

I was interested to read Elise Stefanik’s description of her accomplishments, and was surprised at her statement that she “delivered over $500 million in federal funds back to Upstate New York.” Hmmm….I thought I heard she had voted against all of those federal dollars. Since I didn’t want to assume her statement was false, I looked up her voting record.

Wow!!! Not only did she vote AGAINST the funding that benefitted Upstate New York, she also voted AGAINST: mental health care, violence prevention, investment in chip manufacturing in the U.S., women’s health, veterans’ health, first responder’s health, children’s safety, price gouging, firefighter protections, protections for those affected by domestic violence, and a slew of other bills that were important to the wellbeing of New York and to our country.

Thankfully, her Democratic colleagues voted FOR the funding that Upstate New York has benefitted from. If you want a Representative in Congress who prioritizes the well-being of Upstate New York and its people, Elise is not your candidate. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Matt Castelli to represent the Congressional 21st District.

Jeanne Dewey

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