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DEWEY: Stefanik Does Not Put Upstate First
Letter from Jeanne Dewey

Stefanik Does Not
Put Upstate First

I’m glad you’re highlighting political candidates and their positions on important issues. Having real information to base one’s vote on is key to making an informed decision at the ballot box. The problem is, candidates can say anything they want, whether it is true or false.

I was interested to read Elise Stefanik’s description of her accomplishments, and was surprised at her statement that she “delivered over $500 million in federal funds back to Upstate New York.” Hmmm….I thought I heard she had voted against all of those federal dollars. Since I didn’t want to assume her statement was false, I looked up her voting record.

GARDNER: Vote Josh Riley for Congress
Letter from JoAnn Gardner

Vote Josh Riley for Congress

The 2022 midterm elections are upon us and once again we need to sift through the news and all of the flyers we receive in the mail to figure out who to vote for.

In the 19th Congressional District, I have learned that Josh Riley supports the CHIPS and Science Act that was responsible for bringing the multi-billion dollar chip plant to the Syracuse area. This is a game changer for families who watch their kids graduate and move out of the area in search of good paying jobs.

HAMILL: Unity, Not Party, More Important
Letter from Andrew Hamill

Unity, Not Party,
More Important

Last month, I put statements in All Otsego for our country to heed the call of unity as well as speaking to you all about it. I firmly stand by my statements. I speak on the week before Election Day by saying that regardless of who wins and who loses in this election and other elections, we need unity.

If we are to have unity, we need to put our political parties and their agendas aside and come together for the sake of our country. When 9/11/2001 happened, we had unity which was, and is, a blessing in disguise.

KIRNAN: Miller Works Hard for Voters
Letter from Veronica & Bill Kirnan

Miller Works Hard for Voters

We have been raising our family in the Town of Montgomery, Orange County, New York, for many years. We are about to lose our current Assembly person, Brian Miller, and we know that many of you reading this letter will have an opportunity to vote for Brian this year for the first time.

Editorial: Great Choice, Governor


Great Choice, Governor

[Editor’s note: This week’s edition goes to press just as the news about Rep. Delgado is breaking; we offer here a brief analysis of the situation as it stands on the morning of May 3.]

For Otsego County, Governor Kathy Hochul’s May 3 announcement appointing Rep. Antonio Delgado as her new second-in-command in Albany is nothing short of politically seismic — a move that could send aftershocks throughout the entire state and even into Washington, D.C.

Certainly Rep. Delgado was a Washington up-and-comer, an important part of the Democratic Party’s hopes to keep its majority in the 2022 mid-term elections. That he was pitted against a popular Republican challenger, Marc Molinaro, in an electoral district whose boundaries hang in the balance of a federal mediator, might have had something to do with his decision to take the offer.

Political machinations notwithstanding, Governor Hochul’s choice is a wise one. Rep. Delgado has proven himself to be a tireless and energetic voice for Otsego County and his district as a whole. Smart, approachable, and affable, when he shows up at an event or to tour a business, he shows up with good questions and displays a genuine interest in the issues at hand.

KAVANAGH: With Governor In Trouble, Candidates Surface For ’22

With Governor In Trouble,
Candidates Surface For ’22

To the Editor:

What an incredible piece of work Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin most certainly is.

His recent announcement of his intentions to run for governor truly takes the cake. If they can’t come up with a better candidate on either side of the aisle, we’re all in trouble.

Zeldin’s voting record underscores the pathos of his case. He has voted against the Equality Act, Paycheck Fairness, background checks and reproductive rights.

He owns one of the worst (if not THE worst environmental ratings) in the entire New York congressional delegation as per The League of Conservation Voters. He is a true darling of the NRA, which readily pumps tons of money his way.

In no uncertain terms one need not look too hard for a better gubernatorial candidate . Hopefully his is nothing less than a lost cause.


REPORT: Nursing Home Residents Poorly Served


REPORT: Nursing Home Residents Poorly Served

Editor’s Note: Here are the recommendations in state Attorney General Letitia James’ report, “Nursing Home Response to COVID-19 Pandemic,” which also discovered nursing-home deaths may be 50 percent higher than the Cuomo Administration let on. For Complete Text Click Here.

State Attorney General Letitia James outlines key recommendations in “Nursing Home Response to COVID-19 Pandemic,” which also discovered nursing-home deaths may be 50 percent higher than the Cuomo Administration let on.

•Ensure public reporting by each nursing home as to the number of COVID-19 deaths of residents occurring at the facility — and those that occur during or after hospitalization of the residents — in a manner that avoids creating a double-counting of resident deaths at hospitals in reported state COVID-19 death statistics.

• Enforce, without exception, New York State law requiring nursing homes to provide adequate care and treatment of nursing home residents during times of emergency.

• Require nursing homes to comply with labor practices that prevent nursing homes from pressuring employees to work while they have COVID-19 infection or symptoms, while ensuring nursing homes obtain and provide adequate staffing levels to care for residents’ needs.

• Require direct care and supervision staffing levels that: (1) are expressed in ratios of residents to RNs, LPNs, and CNAs; (2) require calculation of sufficiency that includes adjustment based on average resident acuity; (3) are above the current level reflected at facilities with low CMS Staffing ratings; and, (4) are sufficient to care for the facility’s residents’ needs reflected in their care plans.

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