Dist. 3 Candidate Jumps Claim On Independent Line


Dist. 3 Candidate

Jumps Claim On

Independence Line

Caitlin Ogden

LAURENS – Rick Brockway, Republican candidate for the county board from District 3, expected to coast onto the Independence Party line yesterday, Primary Day in Otsego County.

Instead, Laurens-Otego Democrats packed the polls and, by 30 votes to 4, seized the line for their candidate, Caitlin Ogden.

“Our campaign has a great deal of momentum and we’re looking forward to November,” MacGuire Benton, Cooperstown village trustee and Ogden For Otsego campaign manager, in an email.

Candidates for county board (and other offices) often will seek a second line on the ballot, hoping to attract registered Republicans or Democrats reluctant to vote on the opposing party’s line.

Ogden is a grantsman at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Ogden is a ferrier and outdoor columnist.  Both are seeking to replace county Rep. Kathy Clark, R-Otego, the former board chair who is retiring this year.

3 thoughts on “Dist. 3 Candidate Jumps Claim On Independent Line

  1. Caitlin Ogden

    So excited for the first article about our decisive victory last night! Unfortunately, it seems some people are unaware that different people have different political and party affiliations, that not everyone is a republican or a democrat, and that most people have nuanced feelings on all sorts of issues. People are not pegs to shove in a hole. Last night’s voters weren’t republicans or democrats, they are Independence Party members, and they were given the chance to select their party’s candidate. They chose me, and I am so grateful for their vote of confidence. They get that this campaign isn’t about party. It’s about our community, our neighbors, and working together to move forward together. We can do such great things!

  2. Mark

    Last graf should read:

    Ogden is a grants manager at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Brockway is a ferrier and outdoor columnist.

  3. Marcia P

    This paper is so biased. First of all, the original article said Independent line which was inaccurate. I see you did correct that. Secondly, Democrats could not vote on the Independence primary. So how could they pack the polls to seize the line? If they really did, then Voter fraud perhaps? Makes one wonder. 30 votes qualifies as “packing the polls”? I beg to differ. I’m sure the Dems were behind the voters who did go out and vote for Ogden. Sneaky typical underhanded Democratic ploys. Why are we surprised? Is this candidate really the kind of person you want to represent your District? Win on your own merits, not a sneak attack. Think about it Laurens and Otego. I hope my relatives in Laurens gets the word out.

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