Drivers, Beware Of UGOs*

Drivers, Beware Of UGOs*

(*Unidentified Grazing Objects)
With spring, you may have noticed, deer are coming out of the woods and grazing wherever tufts of turf may be found. These five were spotted at dusk last evening at Railroad and Glen, on the campus of Cooperstown’s Cooper Land Apartments. In Oneonta, you can bet deer aplenty have appeared on Bugbee Road. And south of Cherry Valley on 166, and … (Jim Kevlin/

One thought on “Drivers, Beware Of UGOs*

  1. Local resident

    The COOPER Lane deer are attracted by someone’s bird feeder primarily. This could be a dangerous situation if the deer are spooked and run out into traffic. Disease carrying flocks of pigeons and field mice have also been seen there. Certainly an potential health 🙂 hazard for residents and visitors in the village.

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