AVANZATO: Drnek Knows How To Promote Business


Drnek Knows How

To Promote Business

To the Editor:

It’s nice to see young people getting involved in politics, so I commend Josh Bailey for running for Oneonta Common Council in Ward 8. However, we are at a time where experience and a historical perspective are warranted.

I have known Mark Drnek for over 25 years and he has always had a good handle on what Oneonta needs and how to improve our community. The SweetHome Oneonta calendar alone has been valuable in attracting both tourists and locals for years into our community and local businesses.

As a business owner, Mark has a long history of working with local Oneonta businesses to compete in an increasingly difficult economy. Through the creation of SweetHome Productions, Mark has helped my business, along with many other Oneonta businesses to advertise and gain exposure to attract customers.

Many business owners in the area are also from the older generation so Mark has been good in helping keep up with digital marketing to help attract more customers from online. For example, he points home service businesses in the direction of some SEO for tree service providers because they will be able to do the online marketing work for them. In today’s digital age, Mark knows it can be hard for businesses to stay competitive if they’re not online so he’s helping them take that first step to modernize their business.

Both myself and Mark were local radio hosts for over 20 years. Mark continues to represent Oneonta in two dozen radio stations across the country with the Blue Light Central. Mark Drnek has been Oneonta’s spokesperson for many years so far, without even holding a political office.

Mark is deeply committed to the Oneonta community and his expertise and experience are gravely needed at point. He has invested in Oneonta as a resident and businessman and Mark’s vision for Oneonta is to keep the economy stable through local jobs and job growth in the local area. His understanding of small, local business is a key to upholding this small “City of the Hills”.

He realizes the resources available within our area and is committed to utilizing local businesses rather than hiring outside consultants, and other workers. Therefore the money spent stays here in the local economy.

This candidacy is not about political party but for the future security and well being of Oneonta.

Experience and deep commitment are key to the success of City Council and I support Mark Drnek because I believe he is the best candidate for the job.


Former owner

Stella Luna Restaurant


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