‘Drop’ Cannonball Artifact At Civil War Weekend


Civil War Reenactment

Features ‘Drop’ Cannonball

Experience a Civil War-era encampment featuring soldiers in authentic uniforms, battle drills and performing tactical maneuvers as Hyde Hall’s Civil War Weekend continues today. Above, 15-year  veterans of reenactments, Jacob Manley and his father Richard, Hartwick, show off a Civil War era tent.  At right, re-enactor Tim Walker, Cooperstown, holds one of his prize artifacts, a certified unexploded 12-pound cannonball from Little Round Top at Gettysburg. In the heat of battle, soldiers would load cannons quickly, sometimes dropping a cannonball, earning them the name “drops.” Battle simulations at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., free and open to the public. Concert of Civil War era songs performed by Ma’alwyck at 7 p.m., cost $10.  Reservations recommended.(Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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