DUNCAN: Is Mother Nature Telling Us To Rest?


Is Mother Nature

Telling Us To Rest?

To the Editor:

Far away from here, in the Middle Kingdom, a place we know of as China. A little bat dove out of the rafters and took flight. It skimmed along, above the market stalls grabbing up bugs. The bat had no idea that it would do more for nature in a few weeks then all mankind could ever do. It was just being a bat.

A pandemic ensued.

This resulted in a reduction in the human population and a reduction of global warming, air pollution and other things in a matter of weeks. Man did nothing about this matter but argue about what political party did what, or what politicians did what things.

Mother Nature just took care of the problems in a short time. She is a master of keeping things in balance. In truth, Mother Nature has all the power… not your Hollywood actors, not your politicians, and not your billionaires. They can only pretend. With all their arrogance and excuses nothing was getting done.

Humans forget they are part of a bigger picture and only a guest in this world, for a very short time.

Red dust blowing in the wind. That is all man is.

Nature has taught us: It is important to rest. We used to rest on a Sunday. Greed took over and Sunday resting was lost. If we took one day a week and did nothing with machinery, work, etc., nature might be able to catch up and keep us the world in balance without so much pain to mankind. Maybe this is what nature is showing us.

Hartwick Forrest

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