Entrance Arch Rises At Doubleday Field


Entrance Arch Rises

At Doubleday Field

Cooperstown Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch and Public Works Superintendent Mitch Hotaling were at the Doubleday Field parking lot this afternoon, inspecting BMW Fabricators’ installation of an arch over the entrance to 100-year-old grandstand property.  Work on Doubleday Field and the Chestnut-Main traffic light upgrade are due by the end of the week. (Jim Kevlin/AllOTSEGO.com)

One thought on “Entrance Arch Rises At Doubleday Field

  1. Eddie Griffin

    Well if you’re going to live in a false reality it may as well look nice. When should the village just wrap a fence around itself and charge admission to get in – kind of like Disney but just ‘baseball town’? Maybe then the vacant stores could sell more stuff to visitors.

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