Final Touches Underway On Doubleday Parking Lot

Final Touches Underway

On Doubleday Parking Lot

Under the watchful eye of The Sandlot Kid, inset, crews from Ocuto Blacktop & Paving, Rome, are laying blacktop on through Friday on the reconfigured Doubleday Field Parking Lot, the largest paving job in the Village of Cooperstown (perhaps since the reconstruction of the Clark Sports Center, and perhaps much longer).  The paving is one of the final steps in $5-million-plus repairs on the venerable grandstand, which marked its 81st birthday this month; Doubleday Field itself will make its 100th anniversary as a ballpark this coming Sept. 6.  Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch expects the final grandstand painting, brick paving of sidewalks and other final steps to be complete by the middle of June.  (Jim Kevlin/

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