First 2 Tiny Homes In Place At Meadows


First 2 Tiny Homes

In Place At Meadows

Brian Wilcox, of Wilcox Construction Co., Norwich, top, examines the first two of 15 “tiny homes” behind the county’s Meadows Office Complex, Town of Middlefield. The small structures are a county Board of Representatives’ initiative to provide temporary housing for the county’s homeless. Inset, Senior County Planner Erik Scrivener examines the space in one of the structures where the bathroom will be located. The bathroom will be equipped with a fully functioning shower with either frameless shower doors or perhaps a shower curtain, as well as toilet and vanity. The bathroom will be made so that it is totally private for each resident so that they have their own privacy and can use the bathroom as and when they please. There will also be a small kitchen so residents can prepare food and make meals as and when they need to as well as having secure sleeping arrangements and space to place personal belongings.

The small homes are designed by Mike Steiger, Smsa Architectural Services, Cassville, and are being built by SUNY Delhi construction students at the Delaware County campus, then transported here. Under construction on site is a community center, and plans are to power the complex, to the degree possible, with geothermal and solar powers, according to County Planning Director Karen Sullivan. These tiny homes and the community developments are going to create a great sense of community for all and allow people to give back to their communities. Hopefully, the rest of the tiny homes will be constructed soon enough so that more people in need of a home can move in and turn over a new leaf. (Jim Kevlin/

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