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Karen Sullivan

First 2 Tiny Homes In Place At Meadows


First 2 Tiny Homes

In Place At Meadows

Brian Wilcox, of Wilcox Construction Co., Norwich, top, examines the first two of 15 “tiny homes” behind the county’s Meadows Office Complex, Town of Middlefield.  The small structures are a county Board of Representatives’ initiative to provide temporary housing for the county’s homeless.  Inset, Senior County Planner Erik Scrivener examines the space in one of the structures where the bathroom will be located.  The small homes are designed by Mike Steiger, Smsa Architectural Services, Cassville, and are being built by SUNY Delhi construction students at the Delaware County campus, then transported here.  Under construction on site is a community center, and plans are to power the complex, to the degree possible, with geothermal and solar powers, according to County Planning Director Karen Sullivan.  (Jim Kevlin/

With Paper Replacing Plastic, Does County Want 2¢ A Bag?

With Paper Replacing Plastic,

Does County Want 2¢ A Bag?

So Far, 27 Counties Decide To Opt Out

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – On March 1, 2020, “single-use” plastic bags will be banned from New York State supermarkets and other stores. That’s settled.

The question still remaining is whether the Otsego County Board of Representatives will charge a nickel for each paper bag used. That’s not settled.

County Planning Director Karen Sullivan and
Planner-Trainee/Recycling Coordinator, Shane Digan, raised the idea Monday at county board’s Solid Waste and Environment Committee (SWEC) meeting.

Twice As Many Countians Say Homes In Bad Shape v. Good

Twice As Many Countians Say

Homes In Bad Shape v. Good

COOPERSTOWN – An online survey of 374 Otsego County people released today found twice as many say their home are in bad shape vs. “excellent” shape.

The survey, by the county Planning Department and Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, found 14 percent of respondents believe their homes are “excellent”; 27.6 percent ranked their homes as “poor” or “needs immediate attention.”

More than half of respondents (58 percent) rated their homes as “average.”

IT’S BACK! Northern Transfer Station Reopens At 7, Ending Many’s Trek To Exeter


Northern Transfer Station Reopens,

Ending Many’s Trek To Schuyler Lake

The Northern Transfer Station on Route 28 north of Cooperstown, newly paved and with a new weigh station placed to optimize traffic flow, reopened at 7 a.m. today after a six-week hiatus, ending many Cooperstonians’ round-trip treks to Schuyler Lake. Scott Ubner, top photo, was the first commercial customer. Lower right, the first customer overall, arriving at 7 sharp, was Rose Craine of Hartwick, assisted by county Planning Director Karen Sullivan, whose office oversaw the upgrades. The Casella team, lower left, was ready for her: Matt O’Hanley of Summit, and Renee Graham and Jade Safford, both of Otego. Graham said the temporary site in the Town of Exeter handled about 70 bags a day.  (Jim Kevlin/
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