Following In Fire Chief’s Footsteps,Tallman Grandkids At Open House


Following In Fire Chief Footsteps,

Tallman Grandkids At Open House

Village Fire Chief Jim Tallman’s grandkids dipped their toes in the water this morning at the Cooperstown Fire Department “Heroes” Open House at the fire hall on Chestnut Street this morning, part of the 26th annual Cooperstown Winter Carnival. Visiting from the Albany area, Chief Tallman’s daughter-in-law Allison brought Claire, 4, and Nolan, 20 months, to witness firefighting demonstrations and other activities. The state police had a contingent, and the dean of the EMS squad, Fred Lemister, was demonstrating the Autopulse, a new apparatus that allows CPR to be administered automatically in the ambulance en route to the emergency room. How often has it been used? “Too often,” Lemister replied with his characteristic dry wit. (Jim Kevlin /

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