Daffodil Bulbs Fly Off Farmers’ Market Shelf

Daffodil Bulbs Fly Off

Farmers’ Market Shelf

Oneonta Federated Garden Club member Laurie Zimniewicz, center, hands a sack of daffodil bulbs to Mark Davies this morning at the Oneonta Farmers’ Market. The bulbs, 2,000 in total, were imported from England, and were given out free to anyone who wanted them in hopes of brightening City of the Hills when the bulbs bloom next spring. “It is going excellent!” said Zimniewicz, “We thought we would have to come back next week, but it looks like we will give them all out in one day!”   At left is Phyllis Gunther, who is working with Zimniewicz on the project. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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