‘Gimme Four’ Group Joins  ‘Sweet Adelines’ At Concert

‘Gimme Four’ Group Joins

‘Sweet Adelines’ At Concert

The City of the Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines, under the conduction of Terry Hait, front, preform “Seasons Of Love” during their Say It With Music concert at the First United Methodist Church on Saturday. The concert featured “Gimme Four”, a NYC based four part barbershop quartet and A Capella 2018 International semi-finalist as their special guests. Front row: Jo Melmer, Elaine Mattice, Sue Dana-LeViness, Joanne Burdick, Colleen Keenan. Second row: Pat Ashe, Robin Medina, Connie Herzig, Liz Moeller, Jan McGrath and Donna Fornito. Third row: Dorcas Ross, Cathy Rooney, Mary Johnson-Butler, Jean Giuda, Kathy Polley, Ane Green and Flora Beth Cunningham. Back row: Bettie Bennett, Cindy Heaney, Jennifer Withington, Karen Adolfson, Carol Wood, Carrie Huestis and Naomi Graham. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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