Governor Asks Upstate: Send Ventilators To NYC


Governor Asks Upstate:

Send Ventilators To NYC

ALBANY – Governor Cuomo is issuing an executive order allowing the state to redistribute ventilators and personal protective equipment, or PPE, from institutions that don’t currently need them and redeploy the equipment to other hospitals with the highest need.

“I’m not going to get into a situation where we’re running out of ventilators and people are dying because there are no ventilators but there are hospitals in other parts of the state that have ventilators that they’re not using,” he said a today’s briefing.  “I’m just not going to allow us to go there. I think it would be wholly irresponsible.”

The National Guard will be used to transport the ventilators and PPE across the state. The equipment will be returned to the hospital or the hospital will be reimbursed for the equipment in the future.

“The executive order says the state can take ventilators and PPE from institutions that don’t need them now and redeploy them to other parts of the state and other hospitals that do need them,” the governor said. “Those institutions will either get their ventilator back or they will be reimbursed and paid for their ventilator so they can buy a new ventilator.”

5 thoughts on “Governor Asks Upstate: Send Ventilators To NYC

  1. Todd

    SO, why not pull the ones in the warehouse BEFORE you start Forcibly taking ones we might need in the near future???

  2. Dee

    Seriously? Will we get them back if WE need them?? We don’t want to be in a situation where our people need them and we’re waiting for reimbursement.

  3. Linda M. Klosset

    Thank you Governor for doing all that you are doing to help not only New York but our country. I pray other leaders throughout the country will follow in your footsteps. Your compassion, strength and efficiency are so what we need in leadership.
    As I sit and listen to you in the morning I think to myself, why is he not our President.
    Thank you, thank you,
    Carry on

  4. Linda Holub

    Really, He lies about needIng the ventilators, he gets them and then hoards in a warehouse… His water comes from Upstate, now he wants Upstate to give up their medical supply? Really let’s talk about the Dairy Farmers who are now dumping milk because people are only aloud 1 or 2 containers. I would wake up Upstate and say absolutely no. You will need them and won’t get them back.. I am a former upstate New Yorker and I have sisters who are still in New York state one is in downstate two are in upstate one is married to a dairy farmer the treatment that upstate is receiving is atrocious and not just now. Wake Up, Speak Up

  5. Eileen K Steere

    Linda Klosset is obviously my downstate. So Upstate, as usual doesn’t matter. We are just expendable. There are people intubated in Upstate NY. What about the rest of Upstate? Our cases are doubling daily. We need the few resources we have. Most of our hospitals are small, not huge hospitals like the NYC metro area and Long Island.We are already low on resources to begin with. Again, you can decide if we die because we don’t have ventilators. Inhumane.

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