Happy 50th Birthday To Greater Plains Elementary!

Happy 50th Birthday

Greater Plains Elementary!

Students Celebrate By Stocking Time Capsule

Greater Plains Elementary celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this afternoon at an assembly where students could put items of their choice in a time capsule. Above, Scarlett Gelbsman and Sunny Privitera, fourth graders at Greater Plains Elementary, present Principal Nancy Osborn with a book about reasons they love their school. Students from each grade contributed to the capsule by adding items that ranged from the traditional, (photos, letters to their future selves, lists of current prices, current baseball stats), to the informative, (reports on recent fads like fidget spinners and ‘dabbing’ and bottle flipping) and a bit of unusual (a bag of Cheetos). The time capsule will be kept inside the school since they do not want it accidentally dug up by planned future construction. They plan t re-open it in 50 years. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)


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