HESSE: American Democracy At Stake


American Democracy

At Stake This Election

To the Editor:

After months of listening, reading and seeing a litany of positions on the upcoming 2020 Presidential election, I have concluded it all boils down to the following:

Do we as Americans want to give away the hard-fought fight of democracy to socialism? Or keep our democracy as intended by our forefathers?

Simply put:
• TRUMP – Pro democracy; pro United States Constitution; pro U.S. Bill of Rights.

• BIDEN – Socialism; anti U.S. Constitution; Marxism

The Founding Fathers formed the greatest government based on democracy. Many hundreds of thousands have laid down their lives for our democracy. We have a responsibility to preserve this democracy.

Socialism is NOT the answer.

We now face perhaps the most important election ever in this country – certainly in our life time. If you are an American patriot, love this country and want to preserve it, then take a stand at the polls and vote for democracy!


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