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February 18, 2021

150 Years Ago

Learn All You Can – Never omit an opportunity to learn all you can. Sir Walter Scott said that even in a stagecoach he always found somebody that could tell him something that he did not know. Conversation is frequently more useful than books for purposes of knowledge. It is therefore a mistake to be morose and silent among persons whom you think to be ignorant, for a little sociability on your part will draw them out, and they will impart wisdom, and will be able to teach you something, no matter how ordinary their employment. Indeed, some of the most sagacious remarks are made by persons of this description respecting their particular pursuit. Hugh Miller, the Scotch geologist, owes not a little of his fame to observations made when he was a journeyman stone mason, and working in a quarry. Socrates well said that there was but one good, which is knowledge, and one evil, which is ignorance. If there is a moment’s leisure, spend it over a good book or in instructive talking with the first you meet.

February 1871

125 Years Ago

Local: During the year ending February 10, 1896, 544 mortgages, bills of sales, notes and renewals were filed in the Office of the Town Clerk of Oneonta, besides numerous other papers and
documents required by law to be placed on file.
A committee of the Oneonta Club, consisting of W.H. Morris, Reuben Reynolds, Charles Smith, George B. Baird and Charles F. Shelland, has purchased a site for the new club house – the Amsden property at No. 51 Dietz Street – for $3,500.
The price paid by the Village of Oneonta for 64 electric lights is $8,746.
The new office, which is being built for the master mechanic and clerks of the railroad shop was broken into Saturday night, and about $50 worth of carpenters’ tools stolen.

February 1896

100 Years Ago

Work – Machines and Animals: A study of tractor operation on 87 New York farms this past year by the State College of Agriculture shows wide variation in the relative efficiency of tractors and horses. At harrowing, a tractor accomplished as much in a day, on the average as from seven to nine horses. At harrowing, a tractor accomplished as much as six horses, at binding corn or grain as much as from four to five horses, and at mowing as much as three horses. This helps to explain the general opinion of farmers that the use of tractors is profitable on heavy operations, but that horses are cheaper for the light, rapid operations.

February 1921

60 Years Ago

Local Assistance Funds: It is estimated that Otsego County will receive in the neighborhood of $7,000,000 in Local Assistance Funds for the year 1961-1962, according to Assemblyman Paul L. Talbot. This estimate is based on the figures in the budget presented by Governor Rockefeller. For per capita assistance Otsego County subdivisions will receive $262,000, which is $10,000 above
last year’s figure. Aid to education will total $5,036,000, $394,000 above last year’s figure. For Health and Social Welfare the County will receive $358,000, $5,000 less than last year. For highway construction the total will be $1,195,000, $17,000 more than last year. These figures do not include figures for any contracts let by the Public Works Department for new construction. Another $26,000 is coming to Otsego County to support youth and recreation programs, Veterans’ Affairs, Conservation, and Probation Services. Additional aid from the state in amounts to be determined will be available for the following programs – Aid in lieu of railroad taxes; new library systems; Civil Defense Emergency Operating Centers; urban renewal grants; and medical care for the aged. The State Teachers’ College in Oneonta will also have a large sum of money available for construction. These funds are not included in the education allotment.”

February 1961

40 Years Ago

Laurens – A Jump Rope-a-thon was held in the Laurens Central School gymnasium last Saturday. Students assembled teams of six and found sponsors who promised to contribute a certain amount for every minute of rope jumping.
The event ran for three hours. Jumpers jumped until they were tired and another team member took over. The 36 jumpers who participated expect to collect the sum of $1,396 total from their sponsors. The proceeds will go to the American Heart Association. This is an improvement of $500 over last year. Coach Pat Grasso and Chris Sadlocha, coordinators, want to thank all who participated and contributed.

February 1981

20 Years Ago

Wilber Corporation – The Board of Directors of the Wilber Corporation, parent Company of Wilber National Bank, declared a dividend of $0.35 per share at their January meeting. The dividend is payable to stockholders of record. For the year 2000 The Wilber Corporation reported an increase in earnings of $7.858 million, up from 7.814 million in 1999, a 3.4 percent increase.
“Gardening with Wildlife” will be the program topic at the next general meeting of the Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society at the Elm Park Methodist Church on Chestnut Street. The speaker will be Dr. Charles Tarrants, Ph.D., professor of Horticulture at Delhi College. If deer, woodchucks and other animals are making gardening difficult, or impossible, this presentation should provide suggestions, remedies and plant selections that can help reduce wildlife problems while benefitting songbirds. The meeting is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

February 2001

10 Years Ago

Being obese is a bad idea.
I am concerned about our country being obese or overweight. I really want our country to be strong and fit. Being obese is painful.
You can’t move around as well. You struggle to lose weight. People could even make fun of you. Being overweight affects your health. You could even die, or have a heart attack. It is more difficult to give birth. You spend so much time and money at the doctor’s office. You don’t feel good about yourself. You may have all different kinds of surgeries. You can change the way you look at yourself. Don’t be obese.
If you just eat healthy and work hard you can make a difference.
I hope you will change the way you think about obesity.

February 2011


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125 Years Ago
The Local News—From the annual report of the state factory inspectors it is seen that Otsego County has twenty factories, employing over 900 hands. Fourteen are located in Oneonta, three in Unadilla and two at Schenevus. In the county there are nine cigar factories, employing some 200 hands, three-fourths of whom are engaged in factories in Oneonta.
No man takes more pride in the neatness of the exterior surroundings of his residence than C.E. Ford. From the vases in his well-kept front yard flowers have more than once been stolen and one recent night the plants themselves were taken. This was more than good nature could bear and Mr. Ford is anxious to pay $25 to know who did it.
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Paris Fashion—A whole collection of lifted skirts was shown by Maggy Rouff today. She raised some hemlines sharply. But none reached the top of the calf, the high water mark set by Christian Dior. The show was dominated by widened shoulders and straight, tight skirts—some so tight they had to be slit for walking – and the graceful princess of redingote line, popular everywhere in the new fashions. A redingote silhouette nips in sharply at the waist, boasts a small, tight bodice and gored skirt flaring to a wide hemline but fitting over the hips. Even with shortened skirts Rouff managed to give her models a long, lanky line by placing the waistline high. There were some real empire effects, with the waist indicated just below the bust. Many dresses had well-fitted but unbelted waists.
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Bound Volumes, Hometown History July 6, 2023 135 YEARS AGOFew places excel Oneonta in facilities for obtaining an education. About 20 years ago a union school was established with a building which most of the inhabitants thought extravagantly large; but three extensions have since been added, each in size almost equaling the original structure, besides a two-story building in the western part of the village. The entire system is now under direction and management of Prof. N.N. Bull, who has under his charge an able corps of assistants reaching in number up into the teens. July 1888…

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