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May 16, 2024


Rape victims will now have access to a counseling service in the City of Oneonta which would provide post-assault information on medical and psychological care. Public Safety Board members discussed the idea at a meeting Monday night. Last night the Common Council implemented the program and set up a fund to pay counselors. Safety Board members and Police Chief Joseph DeSalvatore agreed that such a service would be invaluable. The availability of women counselors, trained in psychology, would ease the anguish for rape victims who are reluctant to relate the details of their assaults to policemen. The knowledge that they would not have to undergo a police interrogation might encourage victims to report rapes and later to prosecute. A rape hotline is currently being formed at SUCO. Statistics quoted by board member Margaret Hathaway claim that only between 10 and 25 percent of rapes are ever reported to police.

May 1974


After 37 years of helping local boys stay physically fit and teaching them to “play fair and square,” Carl Delberta has been selected as the Hartwick College Outstanding Citizen of the Year. Delberta, a retired professional boxer, founded the Oneonta Boys Club in 1947 and continues to run the club from his ringside seat overlooking the River Street gymnasium named after him in 1981. Philip Wilder, Hartwick College president, said, “Carl is an example of the kind of leadership available to the young people of Oneonta. He has been unselfish in his commitment to the Boys Club for 37 years, while helping his wife raise a family, serving the city as a police officer, and using his boxing talents to help others represent our nation.” Prior to military service in WW II, Delberta was a leading welterweight contender.

May 1984


May 1994


State University College at Oneonta faculty members Patrick Meanor of the English Department and Emily Phillips of the educational psychology department have been selected as co-winners of the college’s 2004 Outstanding Advisor Award. The honor recognizes SUCO faculty who provide exceptional academic advisement and mentoring services to students. Meanor’s advisees are largely undergraduate English majors. Phillips works primarily with graduate students in the college’s school counseling program.

May 2004


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Hometown History: March 7, 2024

90 Years Ago
As part of a concerted temperance education drive by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, nine copies of the recently published “Syllabus in Alcohol Education” have been placed in schools here, it was announced yesterday. These were distributed at the request of local teachers. Copies of this syllabus are much in demand throughout the country, said Mrs. Lula C. Walker of this city, the New York State W.C.T.U. vice-president, and copies are being distributed at the rate of 1,000 a week.
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Hometown History: 02-29-24

Within the past few months many of the pool rooms, lunch rooms, cigar stores, candy stores, and public places of the like in Oneonta have been operating slot machines, candy cards, cigar boards and numerous other devices in which a man might get a whole lot for a nickel or a dime, but the majority of players would be more likely to get nothing. The operation of such devices is in direct violation of the law and, at various times, the police department have made efforts to eliminate them from the city but without complete success owing in a measure to a lack of interest on the part of the judiciary. Within the past few days all places in the city operating such devices have been visited by the police and their owners notified to remove the same and keep them removed, lest they be punished under the provisions of the law.
February 1914…

Hometown History: March 21, 2024

An Evening in Erin—A good 550 people of whom 518 were spectators packed Holy Name Hall last evening to the very doors and spent a happy and entertaining three hours in “The Land Where the Grass Grows Greenest.” The whole entertainment was the biggest kind of a success for the church, the performers and the audience, and everyone was happy and good natured. Everything on the program was a hit. Joseph Haggerty with his song replete with local hits struck the spirit of the audience dearly. The pie-eating contest provoked a few gales of laughter, but Miss Murphy was funnier. All were excellent. This St. Patrick’s Day will long be remembered. The proceeds were about $200 and practically the whole amount will go to the new seats.
March 1914…