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Bound Volumes, Hometown History

November 23, 2023


The national debts of the world now aggregate 42 billion dollars, having increased 20 percent in the last decade and doubled in the last 40 years. The interest and other annual charges amounted in 1912 to $1,732 million dollars, or an average of slightly more than four percent. The largest national debt is that of France at 6,284 million; Russia 4,553 million; United Kingdom 3,456 million; Italy 2,707 million; Spain 1,815 million; British India 1,475 million; Japan, 1,242 million; and the United States 1,025 million.

November 1913


Former New York State Governor Alfred E. Smith urged private citizens to unite in stamping out bootlegging after prohibition repeal by conforming strictly to state regulations for the purchase of liquor. “It behooves every patriotic citizen to secure his supplies after December 5 in a thoroughly legal manner. It is inherent in every good citizen to desire to be obedient to the law. The people now have the opportunity not only to be law-abiding, but the opportunity to help their country by increasing the taxation revenue so that the budget can be balanced. Realizing that the government needs more revenue and that he can do his part only by buying his supplies legally, no good citizen will patronize a bootlegger after repeal.”

November 1933


Specialists from Cornell University conducted an excellent seminar in Oneonta last week on natural disasters. The contention – natural disasters result in many different repercussions. For example, if Oneonta were flooded, we could expect fatalities, personal injuries, extensive property damage, power failures, disease epidemics and loss of water supply, to name a few outcomes. The question was asked: How would Oneonta cope? Those attending the seminar offered many suggestions including the stock answers of providing food and sleeping quarters for those evacuated from the deluge. Oddly, only one person mentioned the clergy near the end of the discussion. Ministers, priests and nuns could do an admirable job in such a situation. Is the clergy’s influence so weak in Oneonta that their suggested role in such a natural disaster comes as an afterthought?

November 1973


Burger King’s corporate policy now allows women to breast-feed their babies in its restaurants. The change comes just a day before a threatened “nurse-in” in a Salt Lake City Burger King where a nursing mother was told to take her baby to the restroom, or leave. The new policy says Burger King will welcome mothers who wish to breast feed their children. “We want to be a family-friendly place,” said Rob Doughty, vice-president for strategic communications.

November 2003


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All of Oneonta and the surrounding area have been invited today to attend the inauguration of Hartwick College’s fourth president, Dr. Miller A.F. Ritchie. Some 1,000 delegates and official guests, including leading educators from throughout the United States will participate. Special busloads have been chartered from Rochester and other cities. Today is also Founders Day at Hartwick. Oneonta’s Mayor, Roger Hughes, has proclaimed Saturday, October 24, “Inauguration Day” in Dr. Ritchie’s honor. Special programs are to be broadcast over station WDOS. Automobile dealers will transport the delegates. Inauguration ceremonies are scheduled for the morning with a reception in the afternoon and a semi-formal inauguration ball in the evening. Tickets are available for a luncheon at the State Armory. Among the dignitaries will be newly elected officers of the college’s board of trustees—Dr. Morris C. Skinner, Albany, who was re-elected board chairman; Charles Ryder, Cobleskill, vice-chairman; Clyde Bresee, treasurer; and Warren Shaver, Elsmere, secretary.
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