Investigation Into SUNY Student Death Leads To Drug Arrest

Investigation Into Student’s

Death Leads To Drug Arrests

ONEONTA – Two people living in the house where Daniel William Michaels died were arrested and charged with drug possession, according to Police Chief Doug Brenner.

Steven A. Fleming, 20, Levittown, and Luke J. Spencer, 20, were both arrested after a search warrant issued during the investigation into Michaels’ death allegedly turned up marijuana and cocaine in the residence at 34 Academy Street, where Michaels, who was not a resident of the address, was found unconscious on Saturday, Dec. 2.

Brenner stressed that neither of the arrests were directly linked to Michaels’ death, nor were the drugs recovered from the residence believed to have contributed to his death. They were discovered as ancillary to and apart from, but in conjunction with, the ongoing investigation into Michaels’ death.

Fleming was allegedly found to have a “personal use” quantity of marijuana and Spencer allegedly had one gram of cocaine. Both have been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree.

If convicted, Fleming could be sentenced to a maximum term of incarceration not to exceed 15 days and Spencer could be sentenced to a maximum term of incarceration not to exceed 1 year.

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