Jasmine, Puppies Find Foster Home


Jasmine, Puppies

Find Foster Home

Jasmine, who gave birth to a litter of puppies at the Susquehanna SPCA last week, has found a foster home with Jeni Metch and her family. Jeni, a stay-at-home-mom, has become very close to Jasmine, close enough that the protective Mama will let Jeni pick up her puppies – as she is doing with Cocoa – so long as she keeps them close by. Colton and Wyatt, seen with mom Jeni and their father, Dan, right, named the puppies – three boys, Cocoa, Reese and Ruger, and girl, Ruby. Though Jasmine gave birth to six puppies last Tuesday, two of them died at just a few days old, according to Stacie Haynes, SSPCA executive director. Consequently, the surviving puppies from the litter are being treated with a unique mix of Dog Vitamins to build up their strength. But when Jeni, who has fostered dogs before through the SSPCA, saw the call for homes last week, she immediately contacted Becca Daly, communications director, and offered up her Davenport home. “I wish I could keep all of them,” said Jeni. “More dogs are better in my book.” (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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