Joe Ruffino Bids Farewell To 47 Years of Pizza Making


Joe Ruffino Bids Farewell

To 45 Years of Pizza Making

Joe Ruffino’s Restaurant & Pizzeria has closed on Oneonta’s Main Street after 45 years.
Joe Ruffino Jr.

ONEONTA – Joe Ruffino Jr. announced to his customers on his website today that, after 45 years of the “daily grind” of making pizza – since age 7 – and running a business in Upstate New York, he has closed Joe Ruffino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant at 222 Main St.

“I have known for a while that I couldn’t maintain that work ethic forever,” he said.  “No one is in the bullpen ready to relieve me … Now it’s time for my wife and I to move forward to a new beginning.  It may seem like my wings have been clipped, but in reality this bird has been set free.”

The fate of Ruffino’s has been the talk of Main Street since the plate-glass windows appeared papered over a week ago.  While the proprietor’s plans are unclear in his farewell note, it signals the end of a city culinary institution that has been a fixture since 1972 – 45 years.

The restaurant was founded by Joseph Ruffino Sr., a native of Sicily who emigrated to the U.S. and was drawn to Oneonta, where family members had previously settled by the hilly terrain that reminded him of his native land.  The senior Ruffino passed away last November.

6 thoughts on “Joe Ruffino Bids Farewell To 47 Years of Pizza Making

  1. Phillip DeMarr

    I have been a close family friend for years and have been dining there for years. Iheard from a reliable source that 2 of the 4 siblings (Anna and Antonette) blamed poor Joe for the death of their father. Because they thought that they locked him out of the building. Joe Sr. was a heavy smoker for 30 years you would think that may have something to do with it right? Wrong. The 2 sisters were so greedy after their fathers death they were already sorting out Joe Sr’s possessions before he was even buried. Disgusting. The fact that that Joe Sr’s wife Rosaria let that happen is a shame. Jimmy T and his wife Anna are scum they think they are on top of the world because they run the “Ruffino Building” sorry to burst their bubble but they are some of the most reprehensible bottom feeders we locals have ever had the displeasure of meeting. They run the trashiest nightclub in Otsego County. Don’t belive me? go see for yourself the bartenders are drunk constantly and you literally get offered cocaine or whatever illegal drug is popular now when you enter the place. The amount of illegal drugs, underage kids, and code violations are there are incomprehensible! I certainly will not support whatever establishment is going in place of Ruffino’s because if I’m forced to see the people responsible for ruining my favorite restaurant I just might take a poke at them. Sorry it had to end that way Joe. Youre a great entrepreneur and friend!

  2. Robert D'Amicantonio

    Hi Joe, just heard about your closing from a customer.
    I’am sure it is with mixed emotions. The boys and I always
    looked forward to our Labor Day trips to Cooperstown and
    an extra cheese large pizza on Sat. night., our first stop after a
    long ride. Best of luck in the future…I’am sure great things are
    ahead of you. Your a great guy and you deserve the best life has
    to offer.
    Bob D. & the boys from Wayne, PA

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