County Must Explore Fresh Thinking On Energy

County Must
Explore Fresh
Thinking On Energy


To the Editor:

Dennis Higgins of Otego took a few pot-shots at my opinion piece which appeared in Hometown Oneonta and The Freeman’s Journal.
In my piece, I wondered if an Oneonta Municipal Microgrid System might help expand local energy generation and availability in helping alleviate the limitations on our current energy capacity.
I threw it out there as a question to try and stimulate some discussion for the good of more energy to support expanded commerce and the economic growth of Central New York.
Indeed, the submitted opinion piece I presented to the paper was entitled, “Is a tri-gen municipal microgrid an answer to boosting local energy?” It was framed as a question which the paper chose not to use.
Back to Mr. Higgins, when citing the sources of renewable energy to fuel my “make believe” microgrid, he conveniently omitted biomass, which I thought could possibly be the primary energy source in heat and power generation, augmented by onsite and rooftop solar, and hilltop wind generation backed-up with natural gas; sort of an all-of-the-above approach!
Several people contacted me to ask why I didn’t include geothermal. I responded that it would be important component and should be required technology for individual developers in their planning and construction phases!
In Mr. Higgins’ reply, my sense is it was crafted in a rather defensive mode, perhaps to hide some personal energy bias. All I could conclude, was:
“Well, maybe I am actually onto something here!”
The “tri-gen municipal microgrid” concept should continue to be discussed, with key public and private leaders thinking about bringing in some experts in this field to evaluate the merit of the concept, as well to seek their expert guidance and advice!
Take the blinders off! Other than Mr. Higgins, who could be against that?

Colone is co-convener of GO-EDC, the Greater Oneonta Economic
Development Council

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