MacGuire Benton Backs Joe Biden For President

Village Trustee Joins National Debate

MacGuire Benton Backs

Joe Biden For President


COOPERSTOWN – Trustee MacGuire Benton, who is running for reelection to the Village Board in the March 18 election, today endorse Joe Biden for president.

This election is about defeating Donald Trump, keeping a Democratic House majority, winning back the U.S. Senate and defending the Supreme Court from a complete takeover,” said Benton.  “If we can’t do that, we’re sunk.”

Here is the rest of his statement:

“Every great American accomplishment happened because we compromised and worked together for the common good. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and be as pragmatic as possible — even when you want big, bold structural change. It can be so easy to be an ideologue, but If we don’t win, our country will be fundamentally changed for the worse forever. Donald Trump has already done so much damage that we may not be able to turn around if we don’t act swiftly. It’s all or nothing this time. No President or politician threatens our democracy more than the one in the White House.

“I want a President who can heal the nation and bring neighbors back together. I want a President who has the most experience and has a record of getting things done leading the nation and the world in the right direction, for the greater good. We’ve let politics break us and our relationships. It’s not a return to the past, but a return to dignity for all, fairness and an equal chance. It’s time to start lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. It’s time to create an America that lives up to its promise. I know so many of you are disappointed that your candidate didn’t make it to the final hour — mine dropped out today and it still stings. However, there cannot be a single moment wasted in the fight to defeat the most dangerous President in history.

“That’s why today I’m endorsing Joe Biden to be the 46th President of the United States. Let’s come together, let’s win the era, let’s dream big and fight hard together as a united Democratic coalition.”

2 thoughts on “MacGuire Benton Backs Joe Biden For President

  1. Brian Hildenbrand

    Why, just why did the young mans vote hit the print. Don’t ever tell anyone who you voted for, it may start an argument or worst. Nobody’s business who I vote for, why, etc. and beside I don’t care who he is supporting, that is his business!!

  2. Chip Northrup

    Good for him. This underscores a dynamic that is conveniently overlooked by local Republicans – that the head of their party, the former Chancellor of Trump University, is serial con-man, whose political fixer, Roger Stone, is now on his way to prison, after a detour to speak to the local Otsego Republicans at the Otesaga. By their leaders you will know them.

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