Meet The Dogs The Susquehanna SPCA Will Bring Home From Beirut

Meet The Needy Dogs

The Susquehanna SPCA

Will Bring Home From Beirut

Chippy, 4 month old shepherd mix, will find her forever home in Otsego County as part of the Susquehanna SPCA’s goodwill mission to Beirut.

COOPERSTOWN – Stacie Haynes, Susquehanna SPCA executive director, will depart for Beirut, Lebanon, tomorrow to work with Animals Lebanon on a goodwill mission to help share their best practices with the animal rescue organization.

In addition to offering assistance and sharing their best practices, Haynes will bring back as many as 13 dogs in need of foster and permanent homes. They include:

• Bethoven, 1, a male black lab, described as “very gentle with cats, dogs and people.”

•Star Shepherd, 4-month-old female, found chained on the side of the road.

•Sadie, 3, a female, very friendly with other dogs, although can be shy at first.

•Porschey, 1½, a female found shot in the leg. Nervous around other dogs and guards her food.

•Bleu and Benetton, 1, two females, very energetic and playful. Guards her food from other dogs except Benetton. Benetton is an Alpha dog but with no behavioral issues.

• Lee, 1 year old male, dumped in the rain on the street. He gets along with other dogs and is friendly with people.

• Sappho, a four year old female, was dumped in the mountains in the middle of a storm. She is very sweet and craves human presence.

• Chippy, 4 month old shepherd mix, sustained a front leg injury when she was was hit by a car.

• Lucy, a 4 month old Labrador mix, dumped on the street.

• Bianca. 8 years old, dumped at old age. She is super sweet and calm.

Interested individuals willing to foster should contact Rebecca Daly, Susquehanna SPCA Communications Coordinator, at (607) 547-8111, extension 100.

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