MELLOR: SO Announces Endorsements

Letter from Wayne Mellor

Sustainable Otsego
Announces Endorsements

Sustainable Otsego is a non-partisan, social media network and political action committee with three guiding principles: 1. Sustainability; 2. Economic independence; and, 3. Home rule.

For the November 8, 2022 election we endorse:

Matt Castelli for the 21st New York Congressional District: Matt Castelli is running against Elise Stefanik. Elise has become a well-known Trump acolyte espousing hateful rhetoric such as the racist, anti-immigrant great replacement theory. Matt’s priorities are similar to Josh Riley’s with a focus on upstate economic development by participating in the new manufacturing economy centered on clean power infrastructure and technology. He believes everyone has a right to have affordable health care and that we should enact tax credits to help middle-class families with child care. Stefanik has a weak platform for economic development centered on reducing regulations and reforming the tax code, neither of which will have any meaningful near term effect on our farms and businesses. Her anti-immigration stance is not helpful in solving our present labor shortage.

Eric Ball for the 51st State Senate District: Eric Ball is a Walton Village Trustee and Walton native. He supports good paying jobs and the training needed so workers can make more money, a clean environment, decent affordable health care, rural infrastructure improvements and less dependence on fossil fuels. His opponent is Republican Peter Oberacker, the present incumbent, who has little to show for his first two years in office. Mr. Oberacker is also embroiled in a scandal involving a business he is supporting not following town land-use laws. We believe that a strong rural Democratic voice in the Senate is needed to push back against downstate interests that may adversely affect our communities.

Both Matt and Eric understand the need for a future where global warming ceases to be a threat and what our local economy needs to thrive.

Wayne Mellor
Chair, Sustainable Otsego

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