Oneonta Pastor Vowing To Perform Gay Nuptials



Oneonta Pastor Vowing

To Continue Gay Nuptials

The Rev. Marti Swords-Horrell, pastor Oneonta’s First United Methodist Church, this morning told her congregation she will continue to perform gay marriages, despite a church conference’s decision in February adopting a “Traditional Plan” that affirmed a ban against gay marriage and the ordination of gay clergy.  Pastors, locally and throughout the Syracuse-based Upper New York Conference, were asked to brief their congregations this morning on the special conference decision.  Swords-Horrell, who was assigned to Oneonta in July, called the decision “sad and disturbing,” since the local church has been a “reconciling congregation” for 30 years. “We feel it is restrictive, oppressive and makes our gay and LBGTQ members feel unwelcome,” she said.  “We will continue with who we are, and accept all people.”  Syracuse-based Bishop Mark Webb is planning a livestream Q&A session 4-6 p.m. next Sunday.  “There’s still a chance it could be overturned,” Swords-Horrell said.  (Ian Austin/

One thought on “Oneonta Pastor Vowing To Perform Gay Nuptials

  1. Judy Casley

    Let the African congregations go their own way – and any other countries who want to continue this outdated discipline. So much for missionizing people and kowtowing to THEIR social customs just to get them in the church. Turns around and bites you, huh?

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