Milford Approves $4.69M In School Upgrades

$4.7M Bond OK’d, MCS

Work Due This Summer

HVAC, Bathrooms, Fire Alarms To Be Upgraded,
Energy Efficiencies Planned, Superintendent Says

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

MILFORD – Work is slated to begin this summer on $4.69M in upgrades to the Milford Central School after a 244-184 vote approved the capital improvement project on Tuesday, March 12.

“It’s a win for the community, students and staff,” said Superintendent Mark Place. “The building is 30 years old, and this project addresses some upgrades that regular maintenance can’t take care of.”

The project will be done in two phases; the first, this summer, will upgrade HVAC systems and the bathrooms in the main office, as well as make the vestibule more welcoming to visitors.

“As it is now, you walk into a six-by-six vestibule, it’s dark and it’s claustrophobic,” said Place.  “This will expand it to 14-by-20, it will have upgraded lighting, and there will be a way to communicate with the office so someone can buzz you in. It’s much more inviting, but it’s also more secure.”

In 2020, the HVAC systems throughout the building will be upgraded, with new insulation being put into the 2001 wing of the building. The fire alarm systems will be updated, and the remaining bathrooms will be brought up to ADA compliance. The tiles throughout the building will also be replaced.

State Building Aid covered 79 percent of the project, according to Place. The remaining $1 million came out of the school’s capital reserves and fund balance, with no increased tax levy on residents.

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