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Richfield Springs’ Main Street Closed;

 8 Victims In Hospitals, One Airlifted

The state fire marshal’s truck that caused all the damage rests against the front steps of the Richfield Springs post office this evening.  The last car it smashed into before coming to a rest is at left.  (Jim Kevlin/


Sheriff Devlin was at the scene this evening, directing the investigation. The Lake and Main intersection is behind him.

RICHFIELD SPRINGS – Nine people were injured and four other vehicles crushed when a state fire marshal’s truck careened through this village’s Main Street at about 4 p.m. today, coming to a stop when it smashed into the front steps of the Post Office.

The fire marshal’s truck was headed east on Main Street when it suddenly accelerated, smashing into one vehicle in the vicinity of Richfield Springs Central School, then a second vehicle at Lake and Main, next to the village’s landmark clock.

It continued, still at a high speed, crushing a white car in front of the post office, pushing it into a blue car behind it.  It then veered to the right and ran into the building’s concrete front steps, coming to a stop, according to Sheriff Richard J. Devlin, Jr., who was at the scene leading the investigation, assisted by his Undersheriff Cameron Allison.

Bystanders were surmising the accelerator on the fire marshal’s vehicle may have gotten stuck, or perhaps the driver suffered a heart attack or stroke, but the sheriff said he would withhold comment until the investigation was complete.

However, he said, the driver was “alive and well.”

911 dispatched 8-10 ambulances to the scene; five of the injured were transported to Bassett Hospital, three were sent to Utica hospitals and one was flown to Albany Med on a LifeNet helicopter.

Downtown Richfield Springs has been cordoned off from Route 28 to Johnson Street Extension.


  1. Corey

    The first car that got hit was before the school he was going way to fast even before the school zone started

  2. Corey

    The first car was hit by prospect st and rout 20 he hit that car so hard that sent it over a snow bank and into a tree the car went air born

  3. Corey

    the did a field test then 13 hours latter sent him to get medical attention then we dont even know if they mandated blood testing its a state truck so there going to try to cover up any and every thing posable they have not even released names because of the cover up that is going on with this the worst part about all of this he went through a school zone about 1 hour after release and it looks like now he is driving a ford explorer i could be wrong about who is driving the explorer but its kinda funny now all this has gone on and now the explorer is going through town they even went through and pulled businesses video from security cams so they really trying to hid something on this

  4. Rj

    Anything new? Did the persons injured or had their vehicle damaged get accident report with driver’s name? Sounds suspicious 8f not, since mid December?

  5. Lv

    I hope you people or your family members never have a medical related accident!! Would you like people to be saying crap about you ?? You have no clue what happened, you shouldnt be speculating anything!!

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