Naked Main Street … But Help Is On the Way, With New Flagpole And 10-By-15 Foot Stars & Stripes On Order

Naked Main Street

Lacking the flagpole that since 1917 had broken the line of sight on Coopertown’s Main Street, it’s looking a little bit like an airport runway or drag strip. But village trustees acted with dispatch this evening to quickly bring back the beloved landmark. (Jim Kevlin/

But Help Is On the Way, With New Flagpole

And 10-By-15-Foot Stars & Stripes On Order

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Trustee Cindy Falk, who chairs the Streets Committee, proposes one of a tick-list of recommendations to get the flagpole back in place in short order.  She is flanked by Trustees Jim Dean and Ellen Tillapaugh.

COOPERSTOWN – Fueled by what they declared was a misunderstanding of their intentions, the village trustees acted promptly and unanimously this evening to bring back a bigger, better flagpole to downtown Cooperstown’s main intersection as quickly as possible.

The Village Board OK’d three decisions proposed by Streets Committee chair Cindy Falk at its September meeting.

• One, to spend up to $2,900 for a 50-foot flagpole to replace the 35-foot one taken down last week to make way for the $1.2 million Pioneer Street reconstruction, causing some public consternation.  The pole will be aluminum; iron ones are subject to rust.

• Two, to buy a bigger flag recommended for the taller pole, 10-foot by 15-foot.

• Three, to accept engineer Jon McManus’ offer to, at no cost, design a new base for the flagpole.  The trustees delayed a decision on whether to have a concrete base, or to include fixtures that would better display seasonal arrangements from the Clark Foundation greenhouses, pending McManus’ recommendation.

Whether the look will be concrete or stone-like will also depend on what options McManus suggests.

Also left for later was how to light it.  Trustees Falk and Ellen Tillapaugh agreed: A top-down fixture “looks like a flying saucer.”  Uplighting is a second option and a third, not discussed before, is to light it from surrounding buildings, which will be explored.

“Yes,” said Mayor Jeff Katz, “there will be light by the time we are finished.”


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