National Republicans Aim To Unseat Delgado In 2020

National Republicans Aim

To Unseat Delgado In 2020

Antonio Delgado

He’s barely taken his seat, but U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado, D-19th, is already in the crosshairs of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which today announced its “initial targets” for 2020.

These 55 seats are currently held by vulnerable Democrats and represent prime pickup opportunities for Republicans, the NRCC said.

“Freedom or socialism – that’s the choice in 2020,” said NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer.

“Whether they are calling for open borders, refusing to denounce rampant anti-Semitism, advocating for a 90 percent tax rate or moving to legalize the murder of newborn babies,” Emmer continued, “the new socialist Democrats are pushing an extreme agenda that is sorely out-of-touch.

The 55 targets include: 20 seats won by Republicans in 2016 that were also carried by Hillary Clinton, 31 districts won by President Trump in 2016, three additional seats Republicans held in recent cycles, two in Florida and one in Nevada, and one additional seat trending toward President Trump.

One thought on “National Republicans Aim To Unseat Delgado In 2020

  1. Sue G

    WOW, Republican or Democrat, Tom Emmer is spreading such inflated misinformation. Please look into this guy’s claims because they are so off base and simply untrue! I really have a hard time believing anyone would make such comments and want people to think his utterance is true. He must also think the average voter like me is purely stupid. We are not! This guy is insulting!

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