‘New’ Pioneer Park Depicted In Video

‘New’ Pioneer Park

Depicted In Video

Drinking Fountains, Brick Pavers, Stage

Part Of Plan To Be Implemented In Fall

COOPERSTOWN – A new video (above) by Delta Engineering has been created depicting details of Pioneer Park renovations due to begin this fall, Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh has announced.

Proposed improvements include ADA-compliant brick pavers, a relocated Visitor Kiosk to make its touch screen more visible and accessible,  a three-level water drinking fountain, a 6-inch raised stage area for speakers and music performances,  decorative lampposts and re-configured plant beds.

The plan was  developed by Michael Haas, Delta’s director of landscape architecture,  and  presented at the Parks Board meeting on Jan. 7,

Representatives from community groups including the Friends of the Parks,  the 4-C’s,  and the Lake & Valley Garden Club  were also on hand to provide feedback on the proposed plans.   Haas’ firm designed in 2015 the Lucy B. Hamilton Amphitheater at The Fenimore Museum.

Following final approvals, the work will be undertaken in the fall of 2019.

2 thoughts on “‘New’ Pioneer Park Depicted In Video

  1. Thomas Lieber

    not at all pet friendly…and the perspective displays it much larger then the park space actually is. Looks to me more like a parking lot than a park!

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