NORTHRUP: County Response Tops


County Primus Inter Paras

To the Editor:

Otsego County’s response to The Plague has been as good as anywhere in Europe or Asia and better than most places in America.

For that reason, the county is on track to safely reopen ahead of almost any other place in America, having met Governor Cuomo’s requirements.

By stark contrast, Texas is next to last in testing per capita, there are no contract tracers, little social distancing and few masks.

Texas’s unsafe “reopening plan” is simply a date, and the day the state reopened without regional rollouts, it recorded its highest number of new cases.

Efforts to control the spread of The Plague in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin were trumped by the governor’s hasty order, which was based entirely on the political science of the Gregorian Calendar.

By comparison, New York State’s response is positively First World and Otsego County is now literally the first of the first. Congratulations to all concerned.


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