NORTHRUP: Legalizing Dope Daffy, As Writer Can Attest


Legalizing Dope Daffy,

As Writer Can Attest

To the Editor:

I have been smoking marijuana off (now) and on (then) for 54 years. I can tell you four things:

1. It makes you a bit daffy, then hungry, then daffy again. Did I mention hungry?

2. You can smoke dope and play the electric guitar like a hero, but not drive a car.

3. Alcohol is worse than dope, but that’s the pot calling the keg black.

4. I forget the fourth thing, but it was really far out, man.

Until there is an accurate, on-the-spot test for weed in the bloodstream, and a stiff fine for Driving While Stoned (DWS), legalization will lead to increased traffic accidents, ER admissions and nacho sales.

Unless it is taxed out the whazoo, the cost to the health care system would outweigh the economic
benefits. With New York State already billions in the red on Medicaid, I don’t see how legalizing dope is such a great idea.

Better to keep it illegal, home grown, untaxed, un-corporate and darkly illicit. Where God and Willy Nelson intended it to be.


One thought on “NORTHRUP: Legalizing Dope Daffy, As Writer Can Attest

  1. James Bell

    The Chipper, our panhandle pundit, has done it again. Only this time he’s really gone off the reservation. Confessing to a 54-yr criminal usage of Mary Jane in a public venue? And all this time I thought it was the Texas Kool Aid! Maybe this explains his many other bizarre letters to the editor, as well as unfounded communiques to various village boards. Hey, Chipper, we love you nonetheless — but remember even Willie Nelson got busted.
    “How Could They Bust Willie Nelson” Dick Solberg, Sun Mountain Fiddler.

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