NORTHRUP: Sedition Is Part Of American History – But Some Learn Lessons


Sedition Is Part Of American

History – But Some Learn Lessons

To the Editor:

Sometimes sedition is a good thing. Sometimes, not so much. My family are experts in sedition and revolution. We may in fact be some of the most revolting people in America.

When sedition wins, history, which is written by the winners, proclaims you a hero. When sedition fails, history proclaims you a traitor.

Our first seditious loss came in North Carolina, where, as colonials, we joined The Regulators, in a localized tax revolt against Great Britain in 1771. We lost that one, but that seditious revolt was a precursor to the Revolution in 1776, where we were on the winning side.

Then came the Texas Revolution, where one (1) of my son-in-law’s ancestors died defending The Alamo. So chalk that up as a seditious win for the extended family.

Then came the Civil War, where my Northrup ancestors fought for the Confederacy and were either killed or died in prison. Only two survived to move to Brazil, where slavery was still legal, or Texas, ergo me.

So as of the end of the Civil War, the family was batting 500 on sedition, pretty poor considering some old Yankee families have batted 1000, but still a record even Pete Rose would envy.

One of my Senators in Texas, Ted Cruz, a Cuban-Canadian-American, attempted to contest the results of the Electoral College by challenging it under the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

Cruz knew that there was no dispute in the Electoral College to adjudicate. Cruz was engaging in a political stunt – egged on by Trump and the conspiracy theorists. Pence would not support the charade so Cruz’s motion was dead on arrival.

After Trump’s supporters broke into the Capital and murdered a law enforcement officer, Cruz continued with his seditious stunt after Congress reconvened, joined by a handful of showboats in the Senate and the majority of the Republicans in the House.

This after 50 officers had been injured, 15 had gone to hospital and one was murdered protecting the rule of law from what President George Bush called a “banana republican attempted coup” by Trump’s mob.

Fortunately, history is there for us to learn from, even when written by the winners for the losers. Am now pleased to announce that not only did the Northrups not endorse Trump’s Seditious Farce, but we voted for Biden, on the simple theory that an honest senile old politician is better than a headcase conman. Tough choice.

This increases our seditious batting average to a more respectable 600. Not bad for Texas Southerners.


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