Norwich Man Pleads Guilty In Covering Up Girl’s Murder


Norwich Man Gets 4 Years

In Covering Up Girl’s Murder

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Jacelyn O’Connor

NORWICH – When arrested after the slaying of Jacelyn O’Connor, 11, James Brower told police, “Just kill me.”

Instead, Brower, accused of helping his boyfriend Tobias Rundstrom-Wooding rape and kill the Morris girl, will serve a maximum of four and half years after pleading guilty Friday to a felony count of first-degree hindering prosecution in Chenango County Court.

According to reports, he could serve as little at 18 months.

O’Connor,died July 30, 2017 of asphyxiation while visiting her half-brothers, who were Brower’s children, in the Norwich trailer he shared with Rundstrom-Wooding.

Brower called 911 at 11 p.m and initially told police that that his sons killed her, but police soon uncovered evidence that she had been raped and smothered.

James R. Brower

Though initially charged with murder in the second degree, the investigation revealed that Brower did not commit the rape or the murder. Last August, Rundstrom-Wooding was sentenced to 20-to-life for raping and killing Jacelyn.

Brower expected to be sentenced June 17. He faces a maximum of four and a half years incarceration.

6 thoughts on “Norwich Man Pleads Guilty In Covering Up Girl’s Murder

  1. KathyHill

    Not nearly enough time!! Innocent little girl taken from this earth way too soon! God Bless her, and her family!!

  2. Jeff J

    Two crimes here; one, the actual rape and killing of this young innocent girl and two, the court system and the sentencing of four years only?? And serve as little 18 months? That’s like serving no time and then he’s out raping and killing another child. This is truly disgusting.

  3. Pat

    I definitely agree with the first three comments on this horrible crime. This poor little life was token as such a young age. These two curl animals took her whole life away and her future. He can sit and watch his your boy friend kill this poor her and not think twice about it and get 4 1/2yrs.. So when he is in prison and he gets good behaviors this curl animals can get out in 18 months. I can’t wrap my head around the punishment that he received makes me sick.

  4. Why

    20 to life ? Really? WTH is wrong with the system?! He needs the death penalty . Why are we allowing him to take up space? Either of them really?

  5. Christen

    4 years???? 4 years??? Are you kidding me??? You give more time to drug dealers!!! Shame on this court system!!!

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