Oneonta Democrats Seek To Dampen Competition


Oneonta Democrats Seek

To Dampen Competition

To the Editor:

For years, the City of Oneonta has struggled to find passionate candidates in its local elections. Oftentimes, those in power have pushed individuals to run strictly to fill a seat, as evident by a handful stepping down after only one term. While I thank our entire Common Council for its service, Oneonta needs enthusiastic candidates who are committed to our future.

2019 is that year. In multiple Common Council races, we were lucky enough to have had at least two, and in some three, candidates file petitions for office including in the Eighth Ward, which I am running to represent.

Personally, I was excited for a three-way race. It would have forced discussion and debate, the fundamentals of a functional democracy.

Unfortunately, the Oneonta “Democratic” party leaders and my opponent are not so democratic after all, forcing two independent candidates, Eric and Nate Roberts, off the ballot and trying to kick an independent county board candidate, Wilson Wells, off as well – a power move limiting the debate that Oneonta residents so desperately deserve.

Why would they do this? I only see one reason: They are scared of the very democratic principles they claim to uphold because, for the first time in recent memory, the elite few controlling our city are in jeopardy of losing their stronghold.

Local politics should not be partisan politics. We should not be scared of discussion on new ideas, rather embrace them.


Common Council candidate,

Oneonta’s Ward 8

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