Otsego County Board Meeting Under High Security


County Board Meets

Under High Security

COOPERSTOWN – The Otsego County Board of Representatives is holding its monthly meeting under high security at the Otsego County courthouse instead of chambers, following concern over what was interpreted as a threatening post on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Otsego County Board Meeting Under High Security

  1. Judy Pepenella

    It seems the guilty members of the County Board were looking to intimidate Robert Force and the battle to Save the Force Farm. They knew he was coming to the November 1st meeting and wanted to make a big to do about nothing.
    Maybe the reporter should find out from Mr. Force what happened when the Court Officer came over to speak with him or find out why 2 Sheriff’s had went and took a look into his truck and asked if he had any weapons with him.
    The Board is using intimidation tactics to harras Mr. Force.Their tactics MUST end.
    November 7th is the day the voters can #DrainTheSwamp in Otsego County Board. Make sure you vote, it is your ONLY way to restore honest and open government in your County.
    #SaveTheForceFarm #OtsegoCountyBoard #OtsegoCountyTreasurer #CathyClark http://savetheforcefarm.com

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