Oust Trump, Focus On Problems


Oust Trump, Focus On Problems

To the Editor:

Local Republicans should start petitions urging President Trump to resign. Senate Republicans will not convict him. Impeachment per se will not get rid of Trump, who obviously enjoys all the attention.
Vice President Mike Pence is hardly a good Republican candidate because of sexual bigotry, but can be an improvement over Trump, who lost the popular election by 10 million votes.

If Trump does not resign: incumbent Republicans or challengers to weak Democrats such as Congressman Delgado will hardly have the time or energy to focus on universal economic
issues. Instead we all will be treated to the usual slogans and propaganda.

Cooperstown’s newspaper and local elites should urge resignation before primaries begin next year. Trump out of office, there will be time to study failures and master non-partisan support for reforms, such as the end of private money in campaigns, and the end of all anti-American ideologies and nationalism.


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