SERAFIN: Passion, Determination, Confidence Define Tonner


Passion, Determination,

Confidence Define Tonner

To the Editor:

Passion, determination, and confidence. If I were asked to describe Ward 5 Common Council candidate Danielle Tonner in three words, those three would describe her perfectly!

I have known Danielle for approximately 17 years, mainly due to our children attending school together. Often, our paths cross in school, on the field or court, or in some local shopping venue.

Naturally, our discussions lead to what the future of Oneonta looks like as we are both raising the next generation of voters and decision-makers. We have a vested interest in our community.

Firstly, let me stress how passionate Danielle is about making a difference and ensuring the vitality of Oneonta. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s in Social Science, so she has prepared herself educationally for a political position where she can make a difference.

I have witnessed her interaction with others when she sees that policy changes were needed for the benefit of all. She stresses her points, provides the reasons why, and then prepares to push hard for her beliefs.

Then comes determination. Danielle feels it is extremely important to become involved in her local government by uniting members toward common goals. She understands that most individuals want the basics like employment, affordable housing, and more local business.

She is eager to be in a position to obtain more grants like the DRI so that tax dollars come back to our community. Furthermore, she can and will make sure that whatever is developed in our region is done so with as much green energy as possible.

Last, but certainly not least, Danielle has the confidence to get the job done. She has been employed by SUNY Oneonta for over 13 years. The key relationships she has created on campus will be very beneficial when working with the city.

She will be a fully transparent member, making sure that she is knowledgeable about the issues and providing viable, working solutions. Her convictions are strong, and she has experience, knowledge, and desire to back them up.

I have no doubt she will thrive when elected as Council member!



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