Exit 15 Ramp Closed After Accident



By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

ONEONTA – Police are on the scene of a motor vehicle accident on the James F. Lettis Highway after a pedestrian was allegedly hit by a car this evening.

According to Rob O’Brien, Otsego Count 911 director, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near the I-88 Exit 15 westbound off-ramp at 7:42 p.m. The pedestrian was transported to Fox Hospital with serious injuries.

The ramp and Lettis Highway have been closed, and police are asking that the public avoid the area. The accident is under investigation.


  1. Lon

    Not surprised. No one pays attention, lot’s of people are drunk, and people turning right will see a pedestrian and see the walk signal lit and nearly run over the pedestrian just to be an A-hole.

  2. Brianna

    This is sad! Prayers go out too them and there family! People also need to watch hoew there driving, now a days people dont give a shit.

  3. Jolene

    I strongly believe that it has a lot to do with poor lighting in the southside area. I cross 23 at least twice a day to go to work and back from work and I’m always afraid of being hit. Be careful and really pay close attention. I’d rather be late than dead.

  4. Belynda

    Completely agree with the poor lighting. They need to update traffic lights and street lights with newer LED.

  5. Anthony

    The people walking need to pay attention! It sounds like the pedestrian Walked into the the moving car…all those lights are dim also maybe the people that walk up and down the highway maybe you should think about a reflector/construction vest there pretty cheap at Walmart it’s sad this happened. Maybe it’s time to put light that are brighter and some more sidewalks and less motels!

  6. Leon

    I agree with the lighting issue. i do not agree with the people dont care how they drive. The pedestrian does not have the right away in all situations and needs keep them self safe by not putting them in a situation not to get hit. 99 percent of the time you will find they are not wearing reflective clothing so the driver does not see them till its too late. I feel bad for the person and their family think of how that driver feels right now.

  7. Mary Hathaway

    The highways over that way are very dark. I have written to the town but they say it’s the state highway dept to turn the lights on in that area. True people speed up in the area and tailgate all the time. The young people have to learn to slow down. TELL DRIVERS THEY NEED THEIR LIGHTS ON WHEN IT IS DARK AND WHEN IT IS RAINING AND USE THEIR WIPER BLADES. IT IS THE LAW TO HAVE LIGHTS AND WIPER BLADES GOING IN THESE CONDITIONS.

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