Phillips: Bassett Was Awesome

Letter from Dottie Phillips

Bassett Was Awesome

I had the most wonderful experience at Bassett Hospital when I was admitted a week ago with Covid.

Bassett was a great experience. I was admitted in inpatient care on the third floor. There was staff from all over the world, from Nepal, Dubai, Philippines, Miami, a Native American, New Delhi.

They work 12-hour shifts and worked non-stop, and were so kind to us. I was so impressed and want to thank Bassett for hiring all of these people. Many times, the patients are so mean to these employees, and no one works harder than the Bassett employees.

I don’t think people understand the quality of workers at Bassett.

I just want to say thank you again to Bassett. I had to get intravenous antibiotics and a lot of blood tests, and they were on top of me every minute. I knew they were extremely busy but they just kept telling me they were going to take care of me every minute.

Walking down the hall was like being in the United Nations. And everyone was so pleasant. Thank you again.

Dottie Phillips

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