Potential Buyers Express Interest In Oneonta Hotel

With Tenants Out,

Exit Realty Listing

Hotel For $1.85M

One Tenant Remains, But City

Working To Locate New Home

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to AllOTSEGO.com

One of 27 photos of former Oneonta Hotel on the Exit Realty web site.

ONEONTA – Within days of the listing, potential investors have already expressed interest in looking at the former Oneonta Hotel, according to realtor Adam Karns.

“We had a camp out towards Stamford that expressed interest, and I know another agent had someone interested,” he said. “But we haven’t taken anyone through yet.”

Following Judge John Lambert’s decision to uphold the City’s Order to Vacate on Tuesday, Feb. 5, owner Melania Pervu put the property up for sale with Exit Realty for $1.85 million.

“I believe that’s what it was appraised at a year ago,” said Karns.




According to the listing, the property has “Once an active certificate of occupancy the potential blossomes with 20 one bedroom apartments, 12 two bedroom and 1 three bedroom as well as studios to boot” (sic).

There are also several storefronts. “I think it could be something really special,” said Mayor Gary Herzig.

As of Friday morning, only one tenant remained in the building, according to Herzig. “We are working to connect that person with a caseworker to see that they are placed in a home,” he said.



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