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Brett Tarbell

COMMUNITY OF RESIDENCE: I live at 142 Morningside Drive, Oneonta, in Otsego County District 4

EDUCATION:  I have an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: I have over 30 years of business management along with 10 years as a small business owner

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: I have been a member of the Oneonta Lions for 10 years and have been the President for 4 of those years! And through my business my wife and I have supported the American Cancer Society, Hospice and the Susquehanna Animal Shelter. Also starting today, my business is registered with the “Grace for Vets” program, where we will provide a free car wash on Nov. 11 and April 25 to any veteran!

FAMILY:  My wife Marina and I are both in a second marriage and bring a little Brady Bunch to the table. I have 2 sons, Christopher and Michael, and a daughter Joanie along with Michael’s wife Gina and my 2 fantastic Grandsons, David and Judd. And Marina has brought 2 great-stepsons Andrew and Dereck Frisch to the mix.

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: My thoughts on government are that it needs to be controlled,  transparent and with term limits. Our representatives have to be held accountable and have some skin in the game!


  • Economic Development; without that nothing else will work!
  • Infrastructure, we have a great start with I-88, the railyards and Oneonta Airport, but we need to keep these at their best!
  • Public Safety; with the growing opioid problem and growing homelessness we need transparency and communications at all levels!

Last; “Make governments more efficient to serve the people better.” And we need a sense of urgency in our representatives!

 MY QUALITIES: With the experience that I bring from construction/business management, I totally understand that sense of urgency.  I have been in all types of negotiations, I understand how to handle a budget and, last, I have the commonsense and knowledge to put all of these qualities together in one package.

STATEMENT: I just want everyone to know that this is a job that I don’t take lightly! I have always followed politics but I also knew in the past that working a fulltime job does not allow a person to give the proper amount of exposure to the issues and training that are around us at all times. Now I have come to a time in my life that I can devote the time necessary to do this job the way it should be done. The motto for the Lions Club is “We Serve” and that’s just what I will do for you, I promise to be there at the meetings to represent you!

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