Rare Rabid-Bat Bite Reported In Richfield

Rare Rabid-Bat Bite

Reported In Richfield

RICHFIELD – The county Department of Health is reporting an individual is being treated after being bit by a rabid bat in the Town of Richfield.

The bat was captured, and subsequent testing revealed today it had rabies; the person bit is undergoing a series of vaccinations, according to Matt Johnson, health department R.N.

Such reports are very rare, and this one is the first in a  few years, Johnson said.  It’s uncertain how widespread rabies might be, he said, so “the general rule is don’t handle wild animals, because just don’t know.”

Rabies is a fatal viral infection, transmitted by a bit or scratch from an infected animal, according to a health department press released.  “Any person who awakes with a bat in their room, finds a bat in a room with and unattended small chld, or has a pet in coat with a bat should capture the animal and call the health department” at (607) 547-4230.


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