Remains Found In Florida Confirmed As Missing Laurens Man

Wife Considered Suspect In Death

Remains Missing Florida Are

Missing Laurens Man, Police Say

Michael Shaver

CLERMONT, Fla. – The human remains found buried beneath a fire pit in the backyard of a Lake County home have been positively identified as belonging to Michael Shaver, a Laurens man missing since 2015.

According to Lieutenant John Herrell, Office of Professional Standards with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, detectives positively identified the remains found on Laurie Shaver’s property at 9850 Sandy Pines Road in Clermont, Fla., following testing. Those results were released by Herrell this morning.

Police are treating Shaver’s death as suspicious and Laurie remains the sole suspect. According to Herrell, she has retained an attorney, but has not been interviewed by detectives. “Detectives are confident she’s the last person to see him alive,” said Herrell.

In February, a friend told sheriff’s deputies that he had not heard from Shaver since October 2015.  When deputies went to the Shavers’ home on Feb. 16, his wife, Laurie Shaver, 35, also told them she had not had contact with him since 2015.  She allegedly allowed deputies to search the home, but as they walked with her to the backyard, they noticed a large depression in the back yard and noted that there was a fresh layer of concrete. 

A cadaver dog was brought in from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and allegedly hit on what deputies called “an area of interest.” Shaver allegedly ceased to cooperate with police and requested an attorney. Deputies found what they believe to be a skeletal remains under a concrete slab, as well as clothing.

According to Herrell, the cause of death has not yet been determined, pending further testing, and the investigation is ongoing.


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